Снегурочка (x_snegurochka_x) wrote in cherokee_people,

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Hello :)

Hello everyone, I'm Lynn.
I'm glad I found a community for Cherokees!
I myself and half Cherokee on my father's side [he is full].
I am also half Russian/Ukranian [hence Snegurochka].
My paternal grandfather was adopted off the Cherokee Reservation along with his twin sister when they were young. They moved to Alaska and other areas so trying to find any family information is hard. I also live in WA state and there is no Cherokees that I know of around.
I have been searching and trying to find all I can about spirituality, traditions and ways but it's hard.
I'm hoping my father's sister, who says she has the family info will be able to help.
Anyone just wanted to introduce myself.
Hope to see you all around and learn something :)
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